Sunday, January 15, 2012

Greg Palast Interview

Que Caiga exclusive! Well, everything on Que Caiga is exclusive, but this is special: CENSORED interview with investigative-journalist rabble rouser Greg Palast! The local Albuquerque Weekly Alibi refused to print this interview, saying Palast's statements were "unverified." Well, he's only the most famous investigative journalist on the planet, but, you know, I guess the Alibi knows best. I will post the audio of the entire extended interview soon—Palast was gracious enough to talk to me for over 40 minutes, and this is just a small sample of what he had to say. Enjoi!

Most mass-media outlets might be confused, but Greg Palast knows what the Occupy Wall Street movement is about.
During an appearance at UNM’s Continuing Education Center on Thursday, Dec. 1, Palast spun globe-spanning tales of corporate greed involving US corporations’ oily tentacles slithering into every corner of the world, from Ecuador to Azerbaijan. Each tale wrapped up with the refrain “And that’s why we occupy.”
Palast, a former FBI investigator and current investigative reporter who works for the BBC and the Guardian newspaper, took time off from hunting down classified documents to give an interview to the Alibi on such cheerful topics as a Chevron oil spill in the Amazon that’s causing lieukemia among members of the Cofan tribe.

“Boy, I’m sounding really serious today,” Palast told the Alibi. “I’m usually funnier than that.”

Alibi: You mentioned in your speech at the Continuing Ed Center that you could write a whole book on New Mexico.

Palast: Oh yeah... I worked for the Attorney General here. I was brought in to investigate—Well, I did a couple different investigations here.
One was for the Attorney General, where I was investigating PNM. I was investigating their takeover of the gas company, and what I found was basically a wonderful cabal of politicians, oil interests, grain interest, gas interests, cattle interests. And of course the power companies. All kind of based out of the R.O. Anderson foundation. The 1% of New Mexico. And basically they were skinning the people alive, the public alive.

Shit's Bad and the Itsonlygettinworsers

Here's a badass street performance from Zuccotti Park, Jan. 11, 2012. Enjoi!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hell No! GMO!

Here's a video of a march in Albuquerque en contra de GMO chile. That's right, they're trying to fuck up our chile, both red and green. Research is currently under way at NMSU to make these godforsaken chile frankenseeds. Hell No! GMO!

Monday, January 2, 2012